Pure Michigan Singalong Campaign

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My blogger friend in Japan told me that there is a singalong video about Michigan in YouTube. Here is the URL:

Update: Unfortunately this singalong video has been removed from YouTube, because a secondary copyright infringement has been claimed.  The ad agency created the video, changing the lyrics of the song which belongs to the synthpop group, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen.

Somebody like YouTube now has to worry about liability for copyright infringement, too.  Looks like the ad agency who creatd the singalong never got a consent from the group?  And nobody in the state government checked if there might be any possible copyright issues?  This is a pretty bad blunder.

But almost two million people had already watched it before it was removed, so the state must have had a pretty good return on the investment (^^)

If you are curious what the Michigan singalong was like, click the link above where the group sings the original song – you will have a pretty good idea.

Pure Michigan Statewide Singalong

It’s funny somebody who lives in Japan found out about it before me who lives in Michigan.

It debuted at the half-time show of the Detroit Lions game on Sept 9 (Sun).  Since then, in just a week, more than one million people have watched it in YouTube.

I noticed the video does not show the long, severe (and gloomy) winter at all. That’s because they shot all of it in August. And who would include negative things in PR? Michigan looks beautiful in it and looks like a very fun place to be. It actually is beautiful and nice in summer.  So, they did not overdo the editing. I am sure it will help attract more out-of-state tourists.  The state of Michigan keeps trying hard.

All the efforts the state made seem to be getting good results. The beaches in western Michigan are definitely a lot more crowded than 10 years ago.  Hotels are a lot more expensive.  I can’t believe that hotels in Benton Harbor are now as expensive as many of the hotels in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Some people don’t like it. They question if it’s the best use of the taxpayers’ money.  They don’t like it that the state wants to depend on the tourism industry.

It’s not only Michigan that wants to turn into a tourist destination.  Same things are happening in my home country, Japan.

My father, who lives in Japan, laments that it’s pathetic that many places in Japan now try to become a tourist destination.  When he was young, nobody even considered it as they were busy manufacturing and exporting stuff overseas.  (He is not very aware or has forgotten that they exported a lot to the U.S. and caused friction with the U.S.)  He does not say it loud, but he is implying that tourism business is not manly, it does not create jobs for true men, and it lacks dignity.  When he was younger, Japan was just like China now. And only a few decades later, many “true men’s jobs” were lost to China and other more inexpensive countries.  Very similar to what Michigan experienced.

Japan is abundant in beautiful nature, just like Michigan. I think Japan discovered it and is now trying to lure tourists from China, Korea, and other neighbor countries.

It would be better if high-pay manufacturing jobs come back, but will they ever come back?   Jobs in tourism business are low pay.  But better than nothing.  If the state is blessed with beautiful lakes and forests, it may as well utilize them to generate income.  I don’t have any problem with that.  Use what you have to make money.  If you were born with good looks, use it.  If you were born with good personality, use it.  If you were born with high brainpower, use it.


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