About Me

I moved to the U.S. in 1985 from Japan with my family.  I am from Fukuoka, southern Japan.  I thought we would live in Michigan just for a few years, but we are still here.

I got very tired of living in Michigan. I did not pay any attention to anything about Michigan for a while.  Then recently I began to realize that I may live here with my husband forever. Then I started wanting exploring Michigan again, particularly western Michigan where we once lived.

The Great Lakes regions are, I think, the best part of the Midwest.  We are blessed with the beautiful lakes, woods, and hills.

I wanted to make a summary of the knowledge I accumulated over my years of living in Michigan and pass it down to the younger generations of new immigrants (I sound like a very old perosn. Haha).  When I came to Michigan in mid-80s, there were very few Japanese (and very few other Asians).  A decade later, many Japanese, who are 10-20 years younger than me, started pouring in the U.S. thanks to the favorable exchange rate.

I will reveal my name when I retire.  If I did it now, my boss might use it as an excuse not to give me a pay raise (he might say, “Your performance is not satisfactory, because you are too distracted to your blog and not focused on your job.”).  I can’t let it happen!

I also blog for the Ann Arbor Area Convention and Bureau.  The link is on the lower right side.  Please check that out, too!


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